Saturday, November 30, 2013


Fantastic Joke Presented  BY   Rupesh Sivaram S   

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UFBU - IBA settlement Talks Leaked!

IBA: Welcome all members to the meeting,
Today we have ordered some good imported biscuits from Switzerland.
Our members can taste and give valuable feedback.

UFBU: Biscuits ok, but coffee not up to the mark.

IBA: OK, next meeting we will arrange for imported beans from Denmark.
Dear members, one of our Chairmans daughter got admission in Oklohama university for doing MS in Surgery. So we arranged a felicitating function. May i request all our members to give a standing ovation.

UFBU: Thanks chairman for the wonderful treat and on behalf of entire banking fraternity
we convey our greetings to your daughter. Now we have another good news, one of our comrades son has got a sweeper post in Railways, earlier he was manager with SBI.

So lets give a good round of appaluse for our comrade and his son on this achievement.

IBA : Members, we have to wind up the meeting in next 15 minutes as one of our Chairman has to go urgently to Philadephia as his pregnanat daughter is admitted there in a hospital.
So, as far as wage revision is concerned, the wage revision will be effective from due date!

UFBU: We are deeply concerned about the Banking Reforms in Utopia and hungry. We want the Govt and RBI to take appropriate measures to stabilise African Economy and its growing impetus on the Latin American Countries, else we will go for one day strike next month.

IBA: We will look into those things next meeting, now 5 more minutes left.

Suddenly one manager of a large public sector along with two other officers balsted into the conference hall.

Manager to IBA : Atleast you should provide us 5day week and regulated working hours. So that after banking
hours we can go to apartments of Railway Sweepers, Clean their toilet, wash their clothes and make some money to sent our childrens to school!

While all were leaving the room in anguish, some were searching for biscuit pieces on the floor!

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