Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anti Modi Campaign

Onion price hike in Delhi, onion allowed to rot in Delhi blame goes to Modi, Dengu spreads in Delhi , blame goes to Modi, police arrest some culprit or do not arrest some culprit in Delhi, blame goes to Modi. Scam occurs in Bank of Baroda Delhi , blame goes to Modi,,prices of pulses are going up in Delhi or in UP, blame goes to Modi

Dadri incident occurs in UP where a Muslim was beaten to death, blame goes to Modi, not to District administration or UP government

Riot occurs in J& K or in UP or in Bihar ,blame goes to Modi, Gulam Sarwar ,singer of Pakistan is not allowed entry in Mumbai , blame goes to Modi not Maharashtra government or Shiv Sena

A Farmer commits suicide in Karnataka or   in Andhra Pradesh , Rahul Blames Modi,the ratiomlist Mr. mm Kulbargi is killed in the state of Karnataka, blame goes to Modi.
Power shortage in Jharkhand or in Bihar or in Delhi,, blame goes to Modi

Land compensation does not reach fully in the hands of farmer in Kerala , blame goes to Modi

Ministers of AAP sent to jail for personal reason, blame goes to Modi,

Bomb attack takes place during rally in Patna rally, Blame goes to Modi, not to Bihar Government or Bihar police ,

Daud or other terrorists threaten India, uses abusive language against Mr. Modi , blame goes to Modi, There is disturbance in POK , blame goes to Modi, Nawaz Shariff  raises Kashmir issue in UNO or cheats India after each dialogue , stabs India in the name of friendship, blame goes to Modi, If dialogue with Pakistan is resumed, or dialogue process not put into effect , both ways,  blame goes to Modi

Owessi uses abusing remarks on Dadri incident or Lalu uses bad words against PM of India, stripping case in Greater Noida, in all cases of rape or murder , blame goes to Modi,

Beaf is banned in Srinagar by court or by UP government in UP state , blame goes to Modi .....................                                                                           

I think special court should be set up in every corner of every state by each state government to conduct speedy trial of Mr. Modi and try to punish him for every act of his omission or commission and award all who abuse Modi and write to UNO or appeal to USA and UK government to stop Modi   ...................                                                                        

and if state government is not accountable for any lapse, It will be better to declare that they are to be given credit only and all charges must be labelled against Modi only................                  

Media will have greater opportunity to increase their TRP and get huge love from anti-Modi camps.....Media need not discuss subjects of growth , they should search masala related to Modi , hundreds of  good work and good speech may be ignored but one bad sentence if uttered willingly or unwillingly by Modi  , media must make havoc of it so that hundreds of good sentences may vanish.

Keep aside country and apply all energy to malign Modi and need not worry if image of country is tarnished simultaneously,                                                               

Support Pakistan or any other enemy nation if they help in removing BJP and Mr. Modi from power.

Anyone , any political party or any social organisation , any writer or any film actor whoever speaks against Modi or whoever try to weaken India or blame India may become popular in media .

You may use any incident of history or any great man of past to malign Modi ,
even relation with his wife or what he wears and what not wears, activity of student days of Modi or what he did two decades ago , all may be questioned to stop Modi becoming world popular.

Please do not discuss good work if Modi has done, try to search loopholes or distort his statement or that of any other colleague of Modi, all options are open. Anyone who praises Modi either in India or in foreign countries, he should also be abused and humiliated and tagged as Chamcha or flatterer

If you like some more shortcuts to get popularity, other than real work  ,you may adddddddd

It will be appropriate to change the designation of Mr. Modi from Prime Minister to Blame Minister. If a student fails in examination ,mother should blame Modi and ask for CBI investigation. State of UP, Delhi and Bihar may lead in this task

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